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RADD is a security guarding company that provides covering throughout the greater Durban and surrounding areas. We are a dynamic and innovative security company who are committed to providing highly professional, reliable, and cost-effective security guarding services in Durban. We have been serving the security services industry since 2017 and take forward all the wealth of experience which has been gained in the industry. We pride ourselves in providing a full range of security services and are committed to continually improving the contents and quality of our services. Our security services provide high standards of integrity and excellence on all provision of services.

RADD Security Services are a fast-growing Durban owned security company established with the purpose of providing security solutions to businesses and individuals.

RADD Security Services together with its highly trained staff and the latest technology, ensure that we will provide our clients a service that will surpass our competition. Through understanding our client needs we will tailor our services to suit your needs to ensure that our clients staff, properties and businesses is secured and protected from external and internal risk or threats. Security guards are provided based on client specifications, keeping in mind that our solutions are only effective if they meet your requirements. Our personnel are PSIRA registered. Each member complies with strict standards of customer satisfaction in addtition to being well groomed and presentable at all times.
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We understand that the security industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. As a leading security service provider, we make sure that we keep up with the changes and constantly are on the lookout for new innovations that would supplement our existing technologies to further provide excellent customer service. We want to be able to provide unique security solutions to various companies depending on their needs.
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